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Meet Author

A Conversation with Susan Holdaway

A Bit About Me

As a family history enthusiast, doing genealogy is definitely my avocation. I have dabbled in genealogy research for a long time. But with my growing proficiency in genealogy, I still remember vividly when I was introduced to family history.

My Family History Beginning

I was only twelve, and I had been asked to prepare a presentation for my peers about something that mattered to me. Being shy, I dreaded the assignment and couldn’t decide what to share. My dad came to my rescue and suggested I tell some family stories and show family heirlooms for my presentation. I was hooked! I had discovered something that really mattered to me.

After that first presentation, I spent countless hours as a teenager learning about the people who belonged to me. I learned their names and their relationships on pedigree charts. I gathered their stories and their photos.  I visited their homesteads and talked to my grandparents. I compiled my information into books. In short, I became passionate about my family history.

Since then I’ve enjoyed sharing my passion for writing and for family history with people like you.

Professional Background

With a Bachelor of Arts in English and history from Brigham Young University, I learned a lot about writing. After college I become an editor and writer for a popular Foreign Language Institute in Seoul, Korea. I wrote website content for ESL instruction accessible to approximately 60,000 clients annually.

After 8 years working for Pagoda, I returned to college and completed a Master of Science in English specializing in Technical Writing from Utah State University. During graduate school my writing was published in several venues. My most recent publication is my eBook Make Your Family History into an eBook: A Step by Step Guide showcased on this website.