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Family History eBooks learning center explains general information about eBooks, eReaders, and eBook software. Below will you learn about eBook formats and how choose the eBook software best suited for you to create your own family history eBooks.

What Are Ebooks?

eBooks are electronic books read on digital devices such as eReaders, tablets, or smart phones.

Popular Digital Devices:

  • Android smart phones
  • iPad, iPhone, iPod (Apple)
  • Kindles (Amazon)
  • Nexus (Google)
  • Nook (Barnes & Noble)
  • Sony Reader

eBook Formats

Before you create an eBook you need to decide which kind of eReader or tablet you intend your eBook to be read on because different digital devices accept different eBook formats.

Two Common eBook Formats to Know:

MOBI format: think Kindle

  • All Kindle devices accept MOBI and only MOBI
  • Exception: Kindle Fire accepts MOBI and EPUB

EPUB format: think all other eReaders and tablets

eBook Reading Apps for Computers

You do not have to own an eReader to read eBooks. eReader apps for computers can be downloaded in all major formats for free.

Popular, Free eReader Apps:

eBook Software

Various options for software to create eBooks are available. Below is software I like to use as well as a few other options.

Software that Creates eBooks

Sigil (My Favorite)

  • Supported by Google
  • Free software download at
  • Available for Windows, Mac and Linux platforms
  • Create and edit eBooks in EPUB format
  • Sigil useful for quick, last minute editing

Mobipocket Creator (Easy to Use)

  • Owned by Amazon
  • Free software download at
  • Available for Windows platform only
  • Create eBooks in MOBI format for Kindle eReaders
  • No editing capabilities

Jutoh (Low Cost Option)

  • Created by Anthemion Software, Ltd
  • Free software trial download at
  • Available for Windows, Mac and Linux platforms
  • Create and edit eBooks in EPUB and MOBI formats
  • Excellent software option for Mac users who want to create eBooks for Kindles
  • Download free eBook user guide

iBooks Author (For Macs Only)

  • Created by Apple
  • Free software download at
  • Available for Mac computers only
  • Create and edit eBooks for viewing on iPads
  • Add enhanced media features like audio, video clips

Software that Converts eBook Formats

Calibre eBook Management Software (A Must!)

  • Available for Windows, Mac and Linux platforms
  • Free software download at
  • Converts eBooks quickly into different formats including EPUB and MOBI
  • Organize your family history eBook collection in Calibre
  • View eBooks with built-in eReader
  • Calibre does not create eBooks

I recommend Calibre because you can:

  • Create your eBooks in the software you are most comfortable using
  • Convert your eBooks into different formats depending on family’s eReaders
  • Manage your library of family history eBooks

Download PDF handout of Above Information: eBookLearningCenterHandout

Miscellaneous Helps to Download

Click here to download: “How to Make a PDF Family History from Your Microsoft Word Document”

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