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How to Make Your Family History into an eBook: A Step by Step Guide introduces you to eBooks and how to make them to share your family histories.

Make Your Family History into an eBook cover

Use this guide to make an eBook to share family stories about your ancestors by using Microsoft Word or Open Office. Learn how to add photos to your family history eBook. Learn about free eBook creating software and how to use it to build your family history eBook.

This step by step guide explains how to create eBooks in EPUB or MOBI formats for viewing on popular eReaders and tablets including iPad, iPhone, iPod (Apple), Kindles (Amazon), Nexus (Google), Nook (Barnes & Noble), Sony Readers and other dedicated eReaders and tablets.

Look at the Table of Contents

Introduction: Share Your Stories        
Chapter 1: Plan Your eBook   
Chapter 2: Prepare Word to Work for You   
Chapter 3: Import Your Family History into Word    
Chapter 4: Help With Headings         
Chapter 5: Title Your eBook  
Chapter 6: Include Images     
Chapter 7: Review Your Word Document     
Chapter 8: Choose Your eBook Format         
Chapter 9: Choose Your eBook Software      
Chapter 10: Create an ePub eBook   
Chapter 11: Create a Mobi eBook     
Chapter 12: Share Your eBook          

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Easy to Follow

I’ve been working my way through How to Make Your Family History into an eBook and I am impressed with how well written it is. Your explanations and instructions are easy to follow. Nicely done. –Anita

I’m Publishing My Histories

Thanks to your guide, I’m preparing to publish my first family history online in eBook format. This is a great, inexpensive way to make family histories available to more people. I plan to use your guide again and again until I have converted all my family histories into eBooks. Thanks. -Julie

A Gem

Holdaway’s concise instructions and ample visuals make this book easy to follow and a gem for those thinking of taking the plunge in creating family history ebooks. -from review By Crafting Creator

Delightfully Simple and Clear

I am currently a Media Librarian Teacher at a middle school and have been searching for something to help my students create their own eBooks. I was delighted when I discovered this delightfully simple and clear instruction book. As a teacher and librarian, I am always am looking for instruction books that are well-written, extremely clear and simple enough to follow as well as to understand so that my students can “get” it the first time through. This eBook more than exceeded my criteria!-Kathy

Check It Out!

I love this e-book! The author is knowledgeable, tech savvy, and has a simple, clear, strait forward style that breaks it down into fun, doable steps. -from review By Zoner1

I’m Excited

I’ve bought you eBook and I’m excited to start using it. –Logan Family History Conference attendee

I Recommend this eBook

For years, people in my family have passed around very neat hard copies of our family history. However, as I have had children of my own I have wished there was a way to pass each child a copy of the same material. A quick search on Amazon for how to create ebooks for family histories and I found this little neat book. Now I have the task of converting my existing books to this digital format. This book is well written and has step by step instructions (and examples) of how to create these books. I recommend this to anyone one interesting in creating ebooks.-from review By Smith