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The Future of DNA with Genetic Genealogist CeCe Moore at Rootstech 2017


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2017 RootsTech Day in Review: Saturday – Food Traditions and Family Connections


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2017 RootsTech Day in Review: Wednesday – Innovator Summit

BYU’s 2017 Conference on Family History and Genealogy

Come enjoy a summer genealogy vacation on the beautiful campus of Brigham Young University in Provo, Utah.

2017 Conference on Family History and Genealogy
Strengthening Ties that Bind Families Together Forever

July 25–28, 2017

BYU Conference Center, Provo Utah

The 49th annual BYU Conference on Family History and Genealogy will offer more than 100 classes.

For more information click here.


RootsTech 2017: Recap

Preserve Family History Photos

I’m not a gifted photographer or even close to an amateur photographer but over the years I have realized that family photos bring life to family memories. I have tried to take photos, organize them, and share them with family.

Discovering stories that give us glimpses into the lives of ancestors is one of the motivating and inspiring aspects of family history research, but finding a photo of an ancestor might be even more exhilarating. Looking into the face of someone who is a part of you can be powerful.

So you have photos of ancestors. Advice on how to care for your family history photos is everywhere. So where do you get started or get motivated to do more to preserve your family history photos?

I found the FamilySearch Blog post “Five Keys to Leaving a Visual Legacy for Future Generations” by Andrew and Rachel Niesen a helpful resource to become oriented on best photo preservation practices. Professional photographers Andrew and Rachel Niesen share why and how to preserve photos.

Click here to visit “Five Keys to Leaving a Visual Legacy for Future Generations”

Share Family Memories through Food

Everyone eats. Everyday. I look forward to eating. I love the taste of homemade bread. I grew up eating homemade bread because making bread was important to my mother. Homemade bread reminds me of my mother and her watchful care she gave her family.

Enjoying your food is not only the taste at the time, it’s also the memory of the other times you enjoyed the same food. Margaret Marshall 

What are your memories associated with food that you might share?

Visit to share your recipe story.