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About Family History eBooks

What began as an academic project has evolved into a public venture to share what I know of eBooks with all of you who are interested in making your own family history eBooks.

The impetus for Family History eBooks came to me while I was enrolled in a graduate course focusing on eBook design and publication. While I learned how to create different kinds of eBooks and discussed how to use them in business, I kept coming back to the thought that eBooks would provide a fun, accessible medium to share my family histories.

As I created some of my own experimental family history eBooks, I quickly realized that making an eBook sounded much more intimidating that it actually was. While I learned how to create eBooks using various methods, I realized that Microsoft Word and free eBook software were tools most people could easily use to transform family histories into eBooks.

Beginning with this idea, I published How to Make Your Family History into an eBook: A Step by Step Guide in April 2012. I hope this eBook will motivate you to seek out your family histories, record them, and share them.