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Best Genealogy Software: How to Organize and Share Your Genealogy

March 24, 2017

2017 has arrived and maybe you are doing more genealogy and family history research. You’re gathering more information, and perhaps you’ve expanded your family tree. Now where do you store the genealogy information you have gathered so that it is organized, accessible and easy to share. Family history enthusiasts have two options for storing genealogy information:

Software you install on your computer via dvd or download. You create databases of your information using the software. Most software allows you to link media to your family information. You can print charts displaying your information and you can easily share information using gedcom files.

Websites that allow you to create and store your personal genealogy databases online. Convenient to use from any computer, and some have apps for other digital devices. They have chart printing options also but usually not as many as their software counterparts. Reputable genealogy websites that provide personal online database options will be clear about their privacy policy and explain how they protect your personal information. Take care to review the privacy agreement, especially if you chose to store information about living family members.

The website 10 Top Ten Reviews recently published “The Best Genealogy Software of 2017: Linking the Past with the Future.” The website rates, reviews, and gives you the summary of the most popular genealogy software and genealogy organizational websites at a glance. You can easily read the Top Ten Review or visit the site directly from the website. For a quick overview of what’s what in current genealogy software trends this is a helpful website to visit.

Click here to visit The Best Genealogy Software of 2017 on Top Ten Reviews.

Good luck choosing the best way to organize and share your family information in 2017!

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