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Printed Photo Books: A Fun Way to Tell A Story and Share a Gift

December 2, 2016

Looking at digital photos on a computer doesn’t match sitting down with a photo book in hand to reminisce about memories. One of my favorite ways to share family stories is to create photo books from my digital photos. I made my first photo book in 2009 and I haven’t stopped.

Printed photo books are a great ways to use some the many digital photos we are so good at capturing and collecting. When I create a photo book, I essentially put together a visual story of something that I want to preserve and share.

Here are photo books I have created:

  • Memories of my sister and me
  • Family history book of ancestors
  • My parents’ childhood photos
  • Grandchildren (for my mom)
  • My favorite cat
  • My family’s year in photos (a work in progress)
  • Tours of ancestral homes
  • Vacations
  • Favorite family recipes (a future project)

The possibilities are endless. I have a friend who makes a photo book every year for each of her children that highlights activities and memories of their year. Then she gives them the photo books as Christmas gifts.

If you are new to digital photo books there are many companies that provide software and printing services. Shutterfly and Costco Photo Center online are some options I like to use. Most companies retain a copy of your photo book online so you can reorder your book in the future or share it for others to purchase.

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