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Website Spotlight: Visualize Your Genealogy

April 29, 2016 is a website that creates attractive charts from your genealogy information found in Family Tree on It is a certified FamilySearch website and it is easy to navigate and use.

If you do not currently have access to Family Tree you can create a free account here. Once you have a free account, you are ready to use to create charts to learn more about your family history. gives you a variety of charts you may create to display your genealogy information including the following options:

  • 9 Generation Fan (color)
  • 7 Generation Fan (color)
  • 9 Generation Fan (black & white)
  • 7 Generation FamilySearch Fan
  • 5 Generation FamilySearch Portrait
  • 4 Generation Photo
  • 5 Generation Family Photo
  • 9 Generation Pedigree
  • 4 Generation Pedigree
  • Name Cloud

After you choose the type of chart you want create on, the website uses your genealogy from Family Tree to create the chart online for viewing. gives you the option to download chart images as .PNG or .SVG. Then use the images to visually enjoy your genealogy.

You might consider creating charts to share as gifts. For my sister’s birthday, I created a name cloud chart using only female names from our genealogy. I downloaded the image to my computer. Then I uploaded it to Costco’s online photo website and created a personalized ceramic photo mug that made a fun, personalized gift. She loved it! Have fun exploring

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