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Tell a Family Story, Make a Connection

April 15, 2016

Do you want to begin your genealogy but perhaps you feel overwhelmed and don’t quite know how to start. Begin with stories. Family stories are a fun, easy way to become familiar with your genealogy. My genealogy journey began when I discovered a book of family stories and histories that my paternal grandmother gave to my father. I read the stories, and I wanted to know more.

Are you already interested in family history but have family members or children you want to show more interest in your family? Tell them stories. Stories communicate ideas and life lessons in a way that bare facts cannot. Remember those stories I found. I was only twelve years old when I found them. My foray into genealogy started with my family stories.

For a delightful, real life story about the power of stories in family history, click here to read “Have I Ever Told You . . .?” a short article that shows how sharing family stories forges links between your family and your ancestors.

Click here to read the article “Family history is about collecting, sharing family stories” for more ideas about finding and sharing family stories.


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