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Using Facebook in Family History Research

February 19, 2016

Genealogist enthusiasts have discovered that Facebook is a valuable resource to use for family history research. Facebook provides an easy way to ask questions, get translations, and help other people in addition to connecting with family. Beyond the social connections, genealogists like to use features such as Facebook graph searches, Facebook pages, and Facebook groups to search for information about their families.

In particular, genealogy and family history Facebook groups are a way for people of all skill levels to receive information and help as well as help other genealogists while focusing on a specific topic of interest. Members of a group can easily share insights and information, ask and answer questions, provide links to relevant resources, and provide assistance as needed.

Some groups are public, some are by invitation, and some are closed. Many family history Facebook groups are administered by professional genealogical or by experience genealogists and researchers.

The following list is a sampling of Facebook groups with a genealogy and family history focus:

  • British Isle Genealogy Research Community
  • Dansk genealogi (Danish genealogy)
  • Dead Fred
  • GenealogyBank
  • Genealogy Translations
  • Family History Library
  • FamilySearch
  • New England Historic Genealogical Society
  • Northern Europe Genealogy Research Community
  • RootsTech

Legacy Family Tree has archived webinars that explain more in depth how you might use Facebook in genealogy and family history research. (Click here to see the list of webinars about Facebook)

I particularly recommend the Legacy Family Tree webinar “Facebook – A Tool for Genealogy Research” by Thomas MacEntee which was presented August 7, 2015.  (Click here to access the archived webinar). For more information about this webinar please visit Thomas MacEntee’s website here.

Finally, the BYU Family History Library shared this short video about using Research Communities on Facebook:

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