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Do You Want to Become an Indexer?

September 11, 2015

Have you searched for your family records online? Did you consider that when you find an online record, you have been helped by a person who volunteers as an indexer? So who are indexers?

Indexers are people who help create indexes for historical records. These people look at digital images of records and extract key information that is compiled into indexes. Indexes allow digital records to be accessed online through search engines. For example, when you type an ancestor’s name in or and do a search you are searching indexes created by hundreds of thousands of volunteers.

While some indexers are dedicated family historians, most indexers are people like you and me, ordinary people who like the idea of working on projects that will help people more easily find records about their families.

So how do you know if you might be interested in indexing? The best way to decide is to try indexing. If you like working on a computer try indexing when you have some free time. Becoming an indexer doesn’t not require a specific time commitment. You do not need special qualifications. This is what says about indexing:

“Everyone deserves to be remembered and you can help make this possible. No special skills or time commitments are required. Together, we can help people from around the world find and trace their ancestry for free.”

If you want to try indexing now, please go to and learn how to become a volunteer indexer.


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