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Don’t Own a Tablet or eReader? Consider free eReader Apps

January 23, 2015

You don’t have to own a designated eReader or other digital device to enjoy reading eBooks. If you own a computer, you already have an eBook eReader if you download an eReader app.  The following are free popular eReader Apps:

Adobe Digital Editions

Download at

Adobe Digital Editions (ADE) is a popular eReader that libraries use that lend eBooks. It reads the epub format which translates into any eBook that is not in Amazon’s proprietary format. A negative of Adobe Digital Editions is that some eBooks look great in the eReader and others have formatting that doesn’t view well in ADE.

Calibre E-book management  

Download at

Calibre includes a very basic eReader built into its software application which is easy to use and which will read any eBook format.

Kindle App: My Favorite

Download at under Kindle department select Free Kindle reading apps.

Kindle is my favorite eReader app. I am partial to Kindle for several reasons:

  • I like the interface of the Kindle app and it is very user-friendly.
  • I like that I can download the app for various devices. For example, I have the Kindle app on my computer and my iPod Touch.
  • I frequently download eBooks from Amazon so using the Kindle app is convenient because I can send my eBook purchases from the Amazon website directly to any or all my Kindle reading apps on multiple devices.
  • I like that I can use Calibre to convert any eBooks not purchased at Amazon to the Kindle format and view it easily in the Kindle app.

Nook for PC

Download at under Nook menu select free reading apps

I haven’t really used the Nook app but it appears that it works for only eBooks purchased from Barnes & Noble. So if you buy eBooks there, give it a try.

The eReader apps mentioned above are not the only eReader apps available but they are ones that have some flexibility for use. Both and also offer eReaders for web browsers if you don’t want to download an app.

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