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Share Your Family Histories: A Tribute to Grandma, The Conclusion Part 4

November 21, 2014

Great family historians share their histories and count the sharing as part of their historian’s responsibility. What good is a story if that story is not shared and loved?

Grandma assiduously made copies and more copies of the family histories she wrote over the years. She gave them to children, grandchildren, and extended family. She knew sharing her stories was as important as writing them. Thank you Grandma for showing me what it takes to be a great family historian. So let’s get started writing our personal and family histories because we can all be great family historians.

Here’s a small world anecdote: Last summer as I was visiting some neighbors who happen to be distant cousins, the mother insisted that I look a family history book she received from her mother-in-law. Upon opening the book, I recognized the histories, the printing, and the font that I used to type all the histories my Grandma wrote. I typed those histories when I was about 14 years old. The histories in this book had been copied and passed done through my Grandma’s older sister to her children and grandchildren.  Small world huh! Grandma had indeed shared her stories well.

So back to the question I posed 4 weeks ago: Do you have what it takes to be a great family historian? Let’s summarize what great family historians do:

  • Show an interest in family histories
  • See the value of family histories
  • Share their family histories

Best of luck becoming your family’s invaluable family historian.

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