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Sigil eBook Creating Software Retires

April 11, 2014

Sigil developers announced in February 2014 they will no longer improve and update Sigil.

What does that mean for those of us who have enjoyed using Sigil to create eBooks? Well it means that Sigil’s usefulness from this point forward will be limited.

I recently installed Sigil’s newest release on my new computer that operates Windows 8.1. Sigil still seems to works well for me on this operating system so I plan to use it for now. But I am looking for other options that will replace Sigil so I will still be able to make my own free eBooks.

Developers of Sigil are recommending Calibre conversion software that currently has a limited eBook editor. They are hopeful that Calibre’s editor will eventually have full eBook editing capabilities. I know Calibre works well as an eBook converter and is user friendly. I have not used any of Calibre’s editing features yet but will look into them. The enticing benefit of transferring from Sigil to Calibre is that Calibre is free.

Another eBook option is the low cost eBook creating software Jutoh which allows you to import, edit, and create eBooks in popular formats. Prices start at $39 USD. Although I haven’t used Jutoh in several years, Jutoh has excellent, free support through downloadable documentation.

In the meantime, while you explore your options, consider downloading the latest and final update to Sigil software which was released 27 October 2013. Download here.

Read more about Sigil here.

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