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Read about Genealogy, Do More Genealogy

February 21, 2014

I love to organize, but I also enjoy the ideas surrounding organization. I love to read about organizing and eliminating clutter. If a headline or book title is about organizing something, I am interested. I listen to the podcast Take Control Organizing, because I like the topic and the hosts, and I never seem to get enough organizing hints, even though I consider myself organized.

So what does organizing have to do with genealogy and recording family histories. Like organizing, I’m interested in genealogy topics, even if those topics seem removed from my research or genealogy inclinations at the moment.

Barry Ewell, founder of writes a weekly genealogy column for the Saturday online edition of the Deseret News. I have heard Barry present at conferences, I’ve read his latest book Family Treasures, and I’ve read his column. In short, I’m impressed with Barry’s breadth and depth of genealogy know-how and his ability to explain, encourage, and motivate me to do more with my genealogy.

Barry’s column about genealogy debuted in February 2013 and still runs. He covers the basics like how to begin genealogy but also writes on specific genealogy topics. I particularly like his technology articles. He has a topic for everyone interested in genealogy. Reading his column is a great way to get ideas or just get motivated to do more on your genealogy.

View Barry’s most recent article at every Saturday under the Faith tab.

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