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Share the Work, Enjoy Your Family History

January 17, 2014

Last summer my cousin volunteered to type some of my grandpa’s handwritten journals. Each week he would type a week of entries from my grandpa’s journals that correlated to the current week. He would then email those entries to interested family members. At first only a few people seemed interested but as word spread, his email list grew.

I enjoy reading the snippets from my grandpa’s journals and learning about what he did this week so many years ago. My cousin’s emails were quick to read, but I wanted to keep more permanent copies of the emails for my family history records.

Since my cousin was doing the work of transcribing the handwritten journals and disseminating the information, I volunteered to take the typed journal entries and create an eBook for mobile devices. I also created a PDF for family who want to print out the journal.

Each week after I received my cousin’s email of Grandpa’s journals, I added to my eBook and PDF. Compiling these documents in short segments kept the project from becoming overwhelming. And now I have family history eBooks to share, thanks to my cousin’s great idea.

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