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Write Your Story Your Way, Part 2

November 1, 2013

A Story

Think small and focused when beginning your story. Trying to recall and record all the details and all your feelings about all the events in your life can be overwhelming. Instead, choose one event or one topic that interests you now. Write short story about that event, add details and feelings to make it your own. Writers of short stories do this all of the time in literature.  When you finish that short story, begin a new short story about another event or topic.

Make a collection of short stories to include in your history. If you never make it past the short story stage you will still have captured highlights of your life story. But, hopefully you will eventually take your short stories and create your own personal life history.

Here’s a fun blog to check out: The Family History Writing Challenge: 28 Days of Motivation

Note: What’s this post about? Read the intro post here.

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