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Why Microsoft Word Works For My Family Stories

August 30, 2013

As I have collected family stories, I have used Microsoft Word to collect and format my stories. At first, I used Word because that was the word processor I used and I didn’t wonder about the why’s of my choice. However, over the years, I am satisfied with the flexibility that Word gives me to use my stories. From a story saved as a Word document I can do the following. (I currently use Word 2007):

Add Photos or Images

Word has a nice photo compression feature that allows you to add more photos to a document without drastically increasing the overall file size. This feature is nice when you wish to share your stories electronically.

Add Headings to Organize

Word makes adding headings to organize your stories easy. A short history might be okay without headings, but a history of a reasonable length will benefit from headings. Using major living events like birth, childhood, youth, marriage, career and so forth are easy options for headings to give longer histories structure and allow readers to find easily the information they want.

Save as a PDF

Word 2007 and newer versions give you the option to save your document as a PDF. I use PDF copies of my family stories for easy sharing via email and when I want my stories printed professionally. Click here to download: “How to Make a PDF Family History from Your Microsoft Word Document”

Convert to eBooks

If your story or history is saved as a Word document, you can easily convert it to an eBook for viewing on tablets and other mobile devices. Make Your Family History into an eBook showed on this website teaches you how to take a Word documents and create your own eBooks using free eBook software.

In summary, I find family stories saved in Word can be used for different purposes while still maintaining the integrity of my original Word document file.

NOTE: Most of these features are also available using Open Office.

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