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Infuse Genealogy with Summer Fun

August 2, 2013

Are you looking for ways to infuse your genealogy with fun to entice children or other family members to become more interested in learning about your family? Consider these suggestions:

  • Create a family tree to display in your home.
  • Write a family theme song or a story song (ballad) about an ancestor.
  • Create a skit that tells a family story and perform it for your family or at a family reunion.
  • Learn a heritage craft. I love making piece quilts like my grandmother did.
  • Start a family newsletter to keep family informed and to share stories and information about ancestors.
  • Share a history lesson about events that affected your ancestors.
  • Volunteer to help others learn about their families.
  • Help you boys earn the genealogy merit badge in scouting.
  • Keep a journal and encourage your family to keep journals.
  • Get children involved in eliciting and recording oral histories from living relatives.
  • Teach children how to write a short family history of someone.
  • Enroll in communities genealogy classes.
  • Share family photos. Frame, hang and enjoy them.
  • Visit cemeteries where family members are interred.
  • Introduce family members to how you research ancestors.
  • Let your family help write correspondence required to gather documents.
  • Plan family history vacations. Visit the old farm or ancestor’s town.
  • Be passionate about your genealogy, and your family will want to learn more.

For more details about these ideas, read “Family Fun with Genealogy” by Ginger Hamer


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