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Family Histories in PDF: The Perfect Digital Format for Archiving and Sharing

June 22, 2013

What if you don’t want to create a Family History eBook for a digital device but still want a nice digital copy of your family history to share. Consider converting your family histories into PDF. PDF is the acronym for portable document format. A PDF can be viewed using Adobe Reader which is usually installed on most computers. Or you can download the Adobe Reader free here.

PDF is an excellent file format for family history documents and images because PDF files are:

  • Easy to open
  • Easy to view
  • Easy to print

Share PDF Family Histories

Most people are familiar with using and opening a PDF file. The PDF preserves your family history in the format you want. You can easily share family history PDFs through email or other file sharing applications. For family members who want a printed copy of family histories, they can print a nice copy from a PDF.

Archive PDF Family Histories

The PDF file makes an ideal digital archival format for your family histories because it is an open format that is accessible across different platforms. You do not have own specific software to open it, but you do need the free Adobe Reader. Saving your family stories in PDF is easy to do. I save a copy of my family histories in Microsoft Word and use the Word file as my working file—the file I edit and update. Additionally, I save a copy of my family histories as PDF as my archival backup.

Join me next month as I explain step by step how to take a Microsoft Word document and convert it to a PDF.

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