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My RootsTech Takeaways

March 30, 2013

RootsTech 2013 motivated me to make a difference in my family history. I talked to people from around the world (Australia, New Zealand, Canada, the UK, and Texas to name a few locations) who were excited about searching out their families and writing stories about their families. These interesting people got me thinking again how I need to do more with my family history. I haven’t decided a specific project yet .  .  . maybe some type of family eBook. . .

Get the Handouts

If you have heard about RootsTech and are curious about the sessions offered, you can download a complete syllabi of handouts that each presenter shared at the conference. Even though the handouts are not complete notes, most presenters worked hard to make their handouts comprehensive for the material they covered in class.

A Helpful eBook Session

On Friday of the conference, Lisa A. Alzo presented “Do Your E-Book Right: Self-Publishing Secrets for the Family Historian.”

Relating to eBook publishing, Lisa discussed in detail self-publishing platforms, including several popular online print on demand (POD) options. She also discussed other self-publishing resources, copyright and permission issues, and listed other helpful articles and online guides. Her handout lists all the resources (with websites) she discussed in additional to others she didn’t have time to cover.

For a copy Lisa’s session handout, visit In the Friday folder, Lisa’s folder is labeled 1500-Do_Your_E_Book_Right_Self_Publ and it contains MSWord and PDF versions of the her handout.

For more information about Lisa, please visit her website Lisa is well known in family history circles for her helpful articles, webinars, and books.

Enjoy RootsTech Highlights

Go to for daily recaps of the conference. More video archives will be posted online at they become available.

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